(Sestao - Spain)

ArcelorMittal Basque Country Research Centre (AMRD), located in Sestao (Spain) is part of ArcelorMittal Group. 15 researchers with a broad, comprehensive portfolio and programmes addressing business needs are currently working, full time, in R&D at the company. AMRD is part of a worldwide network of laboratories (currently 11 labs in Europe and North America with more than 1.300 researcher).

The Basque Country Centre has extensive experience in steel research and has already been involved in European research projects. Among its researchers are experts in the steel making process and sustainable energy. AMRD provides ArcelorMittal Sestao technical expertise in steelmaking, environmental and by-products. Several research, development and innovation projects has been carried out in the factory by AMRD researchers and the cooperation of plant staff of Sestao. We both are members of ArcelorMittal company, bue in different segments of the firm (ArcelorMittal Sestao is in ArcelorMittal Europe and AMRD in Global R&D). AMRD will provide technical support to the project based on the previous experiences and also will participate in dissemination issues.

ArcelorMittal Sestao (AMS) belongs to the ArcelorMittal Europe organization which is the biggest entity in steel making and mining operation in the whole world. It is a metallurgical plant located in Sestao (Bizkaia, Spain) that produces a large variety of steel product families that lead to all kind of markets: Automotive, Agriculture, Heavy industries, Mining and Construction. It is one of the only nine European industries that produces hot rolled coils, starting from scrap for all propose industries. In the last few years ArcelorMittal Sestao has dedicated big efforts to the valorization of slag that is produced in the steelmaking process, aiming to improve the sustainability of the electric arc furnace production route of steel. To do so, it took part in the RESLAG project funded by the European Commission (H2020-WASTE-2014 GA n  64067) and led by CIC energiGUNE, of which the presnet LIFE HI4S seeks to be its continuation.